Middlesex, Virginia, USA



Latitude: 37.6109, Longitude: -76.507


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Margarete  Middlesex, Virginia, USA I29522
2 Allison, Catherine  18 Mar 1666Middlesex, Virginia, USA I19283
3 Allison, David  18 Aug 1669Middlesex, Virginia, USA I13958
4 Allison, Elizabeth  1673Middlesex, Virginia, USA I23898
5 Allison, Mary  29 Oct 1671Middlesex, Virginia, USA I6911
6 Allison, Mary  29 Oct 1671Middlesex, Virginia, USA I29519
7 Goar, Mary  2 Dec 1697Middlesex, Virginia, USA I29528
8 Gore, Elizabeth  1666Middlesex, Virginia, USA I720
9 Gore, Elizabeth  1692Middlesex, Virginia, USA I29523
10 Gore, Elizabeth  22 Jan 1708Middlesex, Virginia, USA I883
11 Gore, Henry  10 Sep 1736Middlesex, Virginia, USA I25300
12 Gore, John  2 Feb 1730Middlesex, Virginia, USA I25299
13 Gore, John O.  3 Sep 1703Middlesex, Virginia, USA I9281
14 Gore, Jonathan  1645Middlesex, Virginia, USA I716
15 Gore, Joseph Joshua I  8 Apr 1651Middlesex, Virginia, USA I885
16 Gore, Joshua  1664Middlesex, Virginia, USA I10267
17 Gore, Joshua  1664Middlesex, Virginia, USA I11857
18 Gore, Margaret  20 Apr 1662Middlesex, Virginia, USA I725
19 Gore, Margaret  20 Apr 1662Middlesex, Virginia, USA I22114
20 Gore, Margaret  1 Oct 1694Middlesex, Virginia, USA I882
21 Gore, Mary  1664Middlesex, Virginia, USA I721
22 Gore, Mary  29 Oct 1691Middlesex, Virginia, USA I29525
23 Gore, Rachel  21 Feb 1725Middlesex, Virginia, USA I886
24 Gore, Sarah  6 Nov 1696Middlesex, Virginia, USA I881
25 Gore, William  1640Middlesex, Virginia, USA I898
26 Hughs, Margaret Pheobe  1655Middlesex, Virginia, USA I884
27 Johnson, Aquilla  19 Jul 1724Middlesex, Virginia, USA I29508
28 Johnson, Jonathan Sr  Middlesex, Virginia, USA I29507
29 Margaret  1630Middlesex, Virginia, USA I3829
30 McIlmoil, Mary  25 Apr 1707Middlesex, Virginia, USA I9280
31 Shelton, Abigale  Middlesex, Virginia, USA I29505
32 Shelton, Sarah Louise  18 Sep 1721Middlesex, Virginia, USA I29499
33 Shelton, Zebulon  Bef 4 Aug 1700Middlesex, Virginia, USA I29495
34 Snelling, Henry  Middlesex, Virginia, USA I29498
35 Snelling, John  Abt 1727Middlesex, Virginia, USA I29502


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Margarete  1 Oct 1694Middlesex, Virginia, USA I29522
2 Shelton, Abigale  Middlesex, Virginia, USA I29505
3 Shelton, Sarah Louise  15 Oct 1721Middlesex, Virginia, USA I29499
4 Snelling, Alexander  1716Middlesex, Virginia, USA I29503


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allison, Ann  1 Feb 1691Middlesex, Virginia, USA I11852
2 Allison, Catherine  8 Dec 1726Middlesex, Virginia, USA I19283
3 Allison, David  Middlesex, Virginia, USA I29520
4 Allison, David  1 Feb 1677Middlesex, Virginia, USA I8819
5 Allison, Mary  Middlesex, Virginia, USA I29519
6 Goar, Margaret  1674Middlesex, Virginia, USA I722
7 Gore, John O.  21 Dec 1769Middlesex, Virginia, USA I9281
8 Gore, Joseph Joshua I  17 Dec 1717Middlesex, Virginia, USA I885
9 Gore, Joseph Joshua  8 Dec 1726Middlesex, Virginia, USA I10270
10 Gore, Joshua  1726Middlesex, Virginia, USA I10267
11 Gore, Joshua  1726Middlesex, Virginia, USA I11857
12 Gore, Margaret  1 May 1709Middlesex, Virginia, USA I882
13 Gore, Mary  Middlesex, Virginia, USA I29525
14 Gore, Mary  17 Mar 1743Middlesex, Virginia, USA I17007
15 Gore (Bart), Sir Paul  1680Middlesex, Virginia, USA I10269
16 Margaret  1674Middlesex, Virginia, USA I3829


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    adult-christening    Person ID 
1 Gore, John Sr.  1700Middlesex, Virginia, USA I29532


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gore, John  1638Middlesex, Virginia, USA I22785
2 Gore, Joseph Joshua I  8 Apr 1651Middlesex, Virginia, USA I885


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Gore, Joseph Joshua  1675Middlesex, Virginia, USA I10270


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gore / Allison  1691Middlesex, Virginia, USA F2721
2 Gore / Allison  Abt 1692Middlesex, Virginia, USA F20889
3 Gore / Hughs  1670Middlesex, Virginia, USA F265
4 Gore / Margaret  1649Middlesex, Virginia, USA F7390
5 Gore / McIlmoil  13 May 1723Middlesex, Virginia, USA F3013
6 Gore / Tugwell  Middlesex, Virginia, USA F20888
7 Shelton / Gore  Middlesex, Virginia, USA F20884