London, London, England



Latitude: 51.5, Longitude: -0.1167


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bourne, Bartholomew  1559London, London, England I20112
2 Bourne, Francis  1500London, London, England I4494
3 Bourne, John  1583London, London, England I4496
4 Bourne, Maudlin  1533London, London, England I13247
5 Briggs, Rebecca  25 Oct 1600London, London, England I20310
6 Bromall, Cecelia  1575London, London, England I27041
7 Clarke, Robert  1595London, London, England I25524
8 De La Verni, Margery  1440London, London, England I25847
9 England, Joan of  1188London, London, England I21048
10 England, Maud of  1102London, London, England I21051
11 Gainer, Sarah  1735London, London, England I8468
12 Gore, John  Between 1484 and 1495London, London, England I2591
13 Haraldsdatter, Gunhild  1055London, London, England I10191
14 Le Despencer, Thurston  Abt 1122London, London, England I4984
15 Linnell, Mary  Abt 1631London, London, England I20223
16 Linnell, Robert  1584London, London, England I20232
17 Lovejoy, Elizabeth  9 Dec 1599London, London, England I27054
18 Lovejoy, Elizabeth  21 Mar 1624London, London, England I27049
19 Lovejoy, Henry  4 May 1628London, London, England I27047
20 Lovejoy, John  18 Jun 1622London, London, England I27034
21 Lovejoy, Robert  12 Feb 1621London, London, England I27046
22 Lovejoy, Simon  18 Nov 1626London, London, England I27048
23 Neale, Elizabeth  1598London, London, England I27038
24 Nichols, Sarah Mary  1627London, London, England I29682
25 Potter, George  1584London, London, England I10983
26 Potter, John  1613London, London, England I3509
27 Potter, Martha  1585London, London, England I9026
28 Potter, Martha  1600London, London, England I10092
29 Seeley, Joseph  1631London, London, England I26201
30 Smith, Robert Hovel  1560London, London, England I25871
31 Smith, `john  1612London, London, England I25878
32 Smythe, Brockett  1595London, London, England I25886
33 Smythe, Roberte  1600London, London, England I25885
34 Smythe, Warren  1588London, London, England I25888
35 Smythe, William Hovel Sir  1590London, London, England I25883


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baron Talbot Of Blackmere, Sir Richard De Talbot  7 Sep 1396London, London, England I3775
2 Bolton., William  Abt 1657London, London, England I26771
3 Bourne, Bartholomew  11 May 1624London, London, England I20112
4 Bourne, Judith  Sep 1598London, London, England I4500
5 Bourne, Maudlin  1610London, London, England I13247
6 Bourne, Mrs Bartholomew  11 May 1624London, London, England I2405
7 Bromall, Cecelia  22 Sep 1625London, London, England I27041
8 Clarke, Robert  1 Apr 1653London, London, England I25524
9 Dequincy, Helen  1296London, London, England I7545
10 Downing, Nathaniel  14 May 1616London, London, England I26022
11 Fiennes, Thomas  29 Jun 1541London, London, England I21313
12 Gore, John  1575London, London, England I2591
13 Howse, Hannah  16 Feb 1633London, London, England I22236
14 Lovejoy, Cicely  1625London, London, England I27056
15 Lovejoy, Elizabeth  London, London, England I27049
16 Lovejoy, Hester  18 Sep 1649London, London, England I27053
17 Lovejoy, John  9 May 1604London, London, England I27040
18 Lovejoy, Margarett  London, London, England I27055
19 Lovejoy, Simon  1695London, London, England I27048
20 Potter, John  1620London, London, England I2258
21 Potter, John  1620London, London, England I3509
22 Smith, Thomas  1675London, London, England I2293
23 Thompson, John  6 Nov 1626London, London, England I25231


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bromall, Cecelia  London, London, England I27041
2 Lovejoy, John  London, London, England I27040
3 Lovejoy, Rowland  London, London, England I27037
4 Marshall, William  London, London, England I11030
5 Plantagenet, Edward Iv King of England Lord of Ireland  12 Apr 1483London, London, England I10046
6 Scrope, Eleanor  London, London, England I26980

Arrested for Treason

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrested for Treason    Person ID 
1 Plantagenet Kg, Sir Arthur 1st Viscount of Lisle  1540London, London, England I23849


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bromall, Cecelia  1575London, London, England I27041
2 Clarke, Robert  1593London, London, England I25524
3 Seeley, Nathaniel (Captain)  16 Sep 1627London, London, England I26186
4 Smith, Robert Hovel  1560London, London, England I25871


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bromall, Cecelia  22 Sep 1625London, London, England I27041
2 Clarke, Robert  1651London, London, England I25524
3 Lovejoy, Rowland  7 May 1650London, London, England I27037


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bourne / Bourne  1554London, London, England F4348
2 Linnell / Howse  10 Aug 1610London, London, England F6587
3 Lovejoy / Bromall  22 Sep 1591London, London, England F10472
4 Marshall /   Aug 1189London, London, England F3628
5 Potter / Potter  1607London, London, England F3607
6 Sherman / Lance  1419London, London, England F5515