Missouri, USA



Latitude: 38.2917, Longitude: -91.6


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Tuckett, Henry Augustus  22 Dec 1852Missouri, USA I27990
2 Thomas, Harriett A  May 1873Missouri, USA I27988
3 Stewart, William  1871Missouri, USA I28991
4 Stewart, Henry  1870Missouri, USA I28992
5 Shull, John B  6 Mar 1896Missouri, USA I27807
6 Shull, Jesse  Abt 1890Missouri, USA I27809
7 Shull, Francis James  Abt 1892Missouri, USA I27808
8 Reid, Mary  Feb 1853Missouri, USA I18893
9 Quigly, Robert E  May 1867Missouri, USA I26679
10 Quigley, William Henry  9 Jul 1853Missouri, USA I26660
11 Means, Amanda  1834Missouri, USA I7680
12 McKibben, William  10 Dec 1879Missouri, USA I4180
13 McKibben, J.H.  1877Missouri, USA I3226
14 McDaniel, Samuel Rice  1874Missouri, USA I18888
15 McDaniel, Lynn R  Aug 1893Missouri, USA I18889
16 McDaniel, John E  Aug 1882Missouri, USA I20866
17 McDaniel, Elmer Ross  Jan 1889Missouri, USA I18890
18 McConnell, William Lenza  30 Jun 1876Missouri, USA I29603
19 McConnell, Iva  1900Missouri, USA I29607
20 McConnell, Ida  1899Missouri, USA I29604
21 Matlock, John Henry  19 Aug 1855Missouri, USA I6909
22 Kelso, Statira  5 Jun 1854Missouri, USA I6216
23 Johnston, Bryan  21 Feb 1815Missouri, USA I23453
24 Hutchison, Samuel  Abt 1871Missouri, USA I28484
25 Hutchison, Ollie  Abt 1873Missouri, USA I28483
26 Hutchison, Minie  Abt 1869Missouri, USA I28485
27 Hutchison, Mary  Abt 1861Missouri, USA I28489
28 Hutchison, Jessie  Abt 1876Missouri, USA I28482
29 Hutchison, George  Abt 1863Missouri, USA I28488
30 Hutchison, Elizabeth  Abt 1867Missouri, USA I28486
31 Hutchison, Charley  Abt 1878Missouri, USA I28481
32 Hutchison, Belle  Abt 1865Missouri, USA I28487
33 Horton, Daniel M  Jul 1858Missouri, USA I27987
34 Hager, Eva  Sep 1864Missouri, USA I26670
35 Eaton, Zachery Taylor  Abt 1849Missouri, USA I27726
36 Eaton, Sarah  1844Missouri, USA I27725
37 Eaton, Robert  1836Missouri, USA I27727
38 Eaton, Polly A  1829Missouri, USA I27730
39 Eaton, Mathilda  1863Missouri, USA I28140
40 Eaton, Martha J  1833Missouri, USA I27744
41 Eaton, Lysander F  Abt 1834Missouri, USA I27731
42 Eaton, Lewis Austin  10 May 1855Missouri, USA I28141
43 Eaton, John  23 Dec 1856Missouri, USA I28145
44 Eaton, Jane E  Feb 1850Missouri, USA I28147
45 Eaton, James  1849Missouri, USA I28148
46 Eaton, Irvin G  Apr 1886Missouri, USA I25839
47 Eaton, Inez Estella  22 Sep 1869Missouri, USA I28142
48 Eaton, Henry  1839Missouri, USA I27721
49 Eaton, Gladys M  Feb 1899Missouri, USA I25836
50 Eaton, Gertrude Ellen  2 Apr 1893Missouri, USA I25837

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Quigley, Samuel Marion  5 Aug 1871Missouri, USA I26685
2 McKibben, Josephine A  9 Feb 1908Missouri, USA I21035
3 McDaniel, Annie Pearl  30 Jun 1957Missouri, USA I18887
4 Matlock, Thomas Martin  Between 1832 and 1892Missouri, USA I22881
5 Matlock, Jesse Haile  10 Jan 1895Missouri, USA I3398
6 Eaton, John  27 Jun 1940Missouri, USA I28145
7 Eaton, John  3 May 1863Missouri, USA I27724
8 Eaton, Inez Estella  9 Jan 1938Missouri, USA I28142
9 Burrow, Mina Shalvina  1927Missouri, USA I29592
10 Burrow, John Anderson  26 Jul 1917Missouri, USA I3635
11 Bowen, Jefferson Tilden "Till"  1 Apr 1965Missouri, USA I17268
12 Bowen, George Washington  15 Jun 1935Missouri, USA I17269


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Horton, Jim C  Abt 1882Missouri, USA I26549
2 Horton, Jim C  Missouri, USA I26549
3 Eaton, Gladys M  Abt 1896Missouri, USA I25836
4 Eaton, Abraham Reeves  22 Feb 1822Missouri, USA I27748


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Stewart, Nancy A  1870Missouri, USA I28994
2 Stewart, Morgan Minos  1870Missouri, USA I29746
3 Stewart, Morgan Minos  1870Missouri, USA I29746
4 Stewart, Mary Alice  1870Missouri, USA I28993
5 Stewart, Mary Alice  1870Missouri, USA I28993
6 Stewart, Henry  1870Missouri, USA I28992


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Sims /   Abt 1892Missouri, USA F6495
2 Matlock / Adams  Between 1852 and 1885Missouri, USA F1122
3 Johnson / Matlock  Between 1856 and 1868Missouri, USA F4824
4 Hayden / Wheeler Hayden Henson  17 Nov 1857Missouri, USA F10274