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451 Christened on this date, used as birth date Wilkinson, Nathaniel (I685)
452 Christened on this date, used as birth date. Wilkinson, Lydia (I678)
453 Christened on this date, used as birth date. Daines, Lydia (I1991)
454 Christened on this date, used as birthdate. Wilkinson, Eliza (I18008)
455 Church of England Parish Registers, 1538-1812, London, England: London Metropolitan Archives Source (S20)
456 Church of the Friars Minor De Neville, Robert (I10004)
457 Civil War Muster Roll Abstracts of New York State Volunteers, United States Sharpshooters, and United States Colored Troops [ca. 1861-1900], Albany, New York: New York State Archives Source (S35)
458 Coal Valley Hill Freiwald, Charles Boyd (I14444)
459 Coal Valley Hill Freiwald, John Howard (I22452)
460 Colfax Matlock, Preston Hale (I13020)
461 Colonel Samuel Rea, is the great grandfather to Caroline Lavinia Scott Harrison, who married President Benjamin Harrison on Oct 20, 1853. Rea, Samuel Colonel (I23273)
462 commanded the English forces that defeated the Scots in the Battle of Nevill's Cross on 17 Oct 1346 De Neville, 1 B. Neville of Raby Ralph (I10010)
463 Conan IV (1138 – February 20, 1171) was duke of Brittany, from 1156 to his death. He was son of Alan de Bretagne, 1st Earl of Richmond and Bertha of Brittany. Through his mother he was the nephew and heir of Duke Hoel III. From his father’s side, Conan was great grandson of duke Geoffrey I and grandson of Eudes of Brittany. In 1156, Hoel was expelled and Conan was successful in wresting control of the Duchy from his stepfather Eudes. In 1158, Geoffrey, Count of Nantes died and Conan seized Nantes. Geoffrey's brother, King Henry II of England, responded by seizing Richmond and demanding the return of Nantes. Conan and Henry made peace, and Conan married Henry's cousin, Margaret of Scotland, in 1160. Margaret was daughter of Henry of Scotland, 3rd Earl of Huntingdon and Ada de Warenne, a daughter of William de Warenne, 2nd Earl of Surrey and Elizabeth de Vermandois. Conan had to face several revolts from his own nobles. To sustain the unrest, the duke appealed to the help of Henry, who, in return, demanded the engagement of Conan’s only daughter and heiress Constance with his son Geoffrey Plantagenet. Conan, D of Brittany Iv (I8424)
464 Concord Meeting, PA Brinton, Joseph (I20602)
465 Concord Presbyterian Cemetery, Clarion, Pennsylvania, United States McKibben, John (I3229)
466 Constable of Scarborough Castle, Warden of Marches of Scotland. REF FarisPA. B. of Topcliffe, B. of Alnwick, Eng.REF FarisPA. Descendant of Charlemagne.The Complete Peerage V.x,p459. Percy, Henry (I5835)
467 contacted you some months back and I have continued looking for information on Gibbs/Bailey. The only information I have been able to come up with so far -- Cornelius Harvey Gibbs b.Oct 7 or 17, 1816 m.Elmira Elizabeth Bailey/Baly Jan 17, 1837 she was b.abt 1820, daughter of John Smith Bailey and Mary Ann Bentley. Cornelius Harvey Gibbs would be my gggrandfather - George Washington Gibbs (mygrandfather) b.abt 1841 in Arkansas? m.Mary Elizabeth Brown Sarah Lou Gibbs (my grandmother) b. Nove 26, 1872 in Arkansas, d.Sep 15, 1964 in Norman, OK. I would really like to get a copy of the picture that you have of C. Harvey and Elizabeth, I would be happy to pay for a reprint. Please let me know -- Don Smithers Sugar Land, TX Gibbs, Sarah Lou (I24964)
468 Coronary insufficiency w/myocardial infarcts Arnold, Walter J (I3078)
469 Coronary sclerosis Quindt, Waldemar C. (I5817)
470 Count and Bishop of Treves Count and Bishop of Treve Bodilion (I24512)
471 Cousin of Rebecca's Husband Stephenson, Lowdy (I14564)
472 CPL CO B 36US VOL IF RECONSTRUCTION AIDE ; Bath National Cemetery; Section J Row 10 Site 35 Beach, Ernest Fay (I27101)
473 Creoda of Mercia From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Creoda (or Crida) (c. 5401 - 593) was the first monarch of Mercia (c. 585 - 593). Creoda is recorded as having been the son of Cynewald, the grandson of Cnebba, and the great-grandson of Icel; consequently, members of the Mercian royal line were known as Iclingas. Although this suggests that Creoda was only a fourth-generation descendant of the first Angles in England, the sources nevertheless record him as having been the first ruler of the Kingdom of Mercia. One explanation for this is that the Mercians had initially settled further east and only moved into the area of what became known as Mercia in the time of Creoda. Like most of the early Anglo-Saxon kings, very little is known about his life. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records his death in the year 593. Mercia, K of Mercia Creoda 1st King of (I14000)
474 Cross Creek Cemetery Mason, Jane (I17833)
475 Cross Creek Cemetery Rea, William Mason (I17834)
476 d. in childhood, possibly of cholera. d. in childhood, possibly of cholera. Westwood, Charles (I267)
477 d. Unknown, May have died as child; did not emigrate with family Emigrated: April 18, 1849, Ship "Ashland" to New Orleans Ships List #200161 Westwood, Joseph (I18056)
478 Data compiled by Historical Data Systems of Kingston, MA form the <a href="/handler/domainrd.ashx?domain=SearchDomain&url=/search/dbextra.aspx&dbid=3737">following list of works</a>. Copyright 1997-2000<br> Historical Data Systems, Inc.<br> PO Box 35<br> Duxbury. Source (S229)
479 Data compiled by Historical Data Systems of Kingston, MA from the <a href="/handler/domainrd.ashx?domain=AncestryDomain&url=/search/rectype/military/cwrd/db.aspx">following list of works</a>.<p>Copyright 1997-2009<br>Historical Data Systems, Inc.<br> PO Box 35<br>Duxbury, MA 02331.</p> Source (S150)
480 Data compiled by Historical Data Systems of Kingston, MA from the <a href="/handler/domainrd.ashx?domain=AncestryDomain&url=/search/rectype/military/cwrd/db.aspx">following list of works</a>.<p>Copyright 1997-2009<br>Historical Data Systems, Inc.<br> PO Box 35<br>Duxbury, MA 02331.</p> Source (S226)
481 date from family source Beach, Hazel Lavina (I27106)
482 Daughter of George E. and Euphama Cato. She married James Asbury McPheron on 4 November 1847 in Greene County, Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. McPheron had six children: Edwin Newton, who was engaged in the jewelry business in Greenfield, Illinois; Ella, the wife of John Scruby, of Roodhouse; Annie E., the deceased wife of Leverett Loomis; Laura, who married John Clough; Robert A., who lived in Litchfield, Illinois; and J. Clint, who resided on the homestead farm and married Miss Edna Hunt, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. McPheron, Anna E (I16535)
483 Daughter of George Neville, third Lord Abergavenny, by his 3rd wife, Mary, dau. of Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham. She married as first husband Thomas Fiennes, third B. Dacre of the South, in 1536. They had two sons, Thomas and Gregory, and one daughter Margaret. On the arrival of Anne of Cleves in 1540, when '... as she passed towards Rochester on Newyeares euen on Reinam downe met hir the Duke of Norfolke, and the Lord Dacres of the South, and the lord Montioie (Mountjoy), with a great company of Knights, and esquires, of Norffolke and Suffolke, with barons of the escheker, which brought hir to Rochester where she laie in the Palace all New Yeares daie...', Lady Dacre was one of those appointed to receive the bride. She was one of the ladies appointed to assist at Queen Mary's funeral, and drove with three other peeresses in the fyrste chariot'; these ladies were directed to be 'apperelled accordinge to their Estates viz manteles and their Barbes above their chines'. Upon Lord Dacre's execution and attainder, his widow was left quite penniless, but no time was lost in obtaining an Act of Parliament in order to provide a dower for her from out of her late husband's estates. An ancient copy of this Act, which was passed in the same year as he was executed, says: Mary Fynes widowe, late the wief of Thomas Fynes late lorde Dacres, commonly called Lord Dacres of the Sowthe lately atteynted of wilfull murther by the lawes of this Realme of England is not dowable nor oughte to be indowed of any the Manors lands &c. which were in the possession &c. of the said late Lord Dacres &c. nor yet had any jointure in her late husband's lands for that the said Mary was espowsed & maryed unto her saide late Husband he being within the age of Twenty & one yeares & in the custody & ward of the King. The King's Majestie &c. according to his accustomable goodness of his liberalitie inclyned to mercy & pitty willing to extend his grace & clemency to the said Mary Fynes at the humble sute &c. of the said Mary for the relief of her and her children &c is contented & pleased that it be enacted by His Highnes with the assent of this present parliament, & by authority of the same, that the said Mary Fynes shall possess & enjoy for the term of her natural life, from Michaelmas last past, the Manors of Burham & Codham co. Kent-of Fromquinton & Belchwell co. Dorset, of Nashall co. Essex, & all their rights & privileges &c. the said attainder &c. not withstanding.' 'An acte whereby certen landes are passed to the Lady Dacres. 'Anno xxxiij Henry VIII.' [1541-2] Mary Neville, baroness Dacre of the South, with her son Gregory by Hans Eworth (1558) National Portrait Gallery But on 2 Jul the King ordered her to be paid 50. at once, and directed that the Sheriff of Sussex should deliver to her 'All her apparel of velvet, satin, pearls, stones or goldsmiths work pertaining as well to her head as to the rest of her body'. And during the course of the month the King, being 'moved with pity' for the destitute position of the widowed Mrs. Mantell, sister of Lord Dacre who's husband was executed with her brother, said that upon being fully informed as to her circumstances he would take order for her relief. Lady Dacre married as second husband a man named Wootton, Esq., of N. Tuddenham, Norfolk. She outlived him and married, as her third husband, Francis Thursby, Esq., of Congham in the same county; by whom in 1559 she had living three sons and three daughters. Lady Dacre died in or about 1576. Thomas, her eldest son by her first husband, died on 25 Aug 1553, as appears by the following document: 'The extente &r clere yerely vallew of all the Castelles Lordships Manors &c.1ate of the enheretans of Thomas Fynes Lorde Dacre of the South deceased; the xxvth of Aug anno 1 Q. Marie [1553] being then of the age of xv yeres & warde to her Majestie; all wch sayd Castelles &c. descended to Gregory Fynes Lord Dacre his brother & next heyre beynge of the age of xiij yeres & a half at the deathe of his sayd brother.' Gregory married Anne, daughter of Sir Richard Sackville, and sister to Thomas, Lord Buckhurst, 1st Earl Dorset, by whom he had issue only a daughter, who died young, and whose effigy is on his tomb, although she is not mentioned in the inscription on that monument. Margaret Fiennes married Sampson Lennard, eldest son of John Leonard of Chevening, Kent, High Sheriff Neville, Baroness Dacre Mary (I24893)
484 David died from wounds received at Fair Oaks, Va. He was with Co. D 105th Reg. Pa. Vol. Bell, David (I28736)
485 David was the only long term male role model in my young life. He tried hard to be a great example although returning home from Viet Nam and struggling with alchoholism the rest of his life made it tough. He would give anyone anything when he was sober. He loved everyone and only wanted to help. But drinking made him selfish and mean. He taught me how to "shadow box" and I was never able to land a punch on him. It used to frustrate me as he could always out box me~ altho I've put a few guys on the ground "shadow boxing" that apparently were not as fast as Dave! He was very proud of his son, Bret. He called Mom from the hospital and said, "Mom, he even has fingernails and toenails" Becoming a parent brought out the best in Dave. Dave also taught me how to shoot pool. I learned later in life that I was pretty good at shooting pool- so good that as Dave was teaching me he told me the diamonds on the edges were just decoration- had to learn the purpose of those from someone else! Dave had a hard time teaching me to shoot pool, it seemed awkward to me and he kept working at until I got it. Then a few years later we were shooting pool together and some guy at the bar hollered look at that two left handed pool shooters.... I looked at him like he was the dumbest person on earth.. Was going to shoot off my own mouth when Dave elbowed me and said shut up... Later he said that is why you had such a hard time learning- I taught you left handed and didn't even think of it! OOPS! Rest in Peace Dave- I love you and miss you. David, David Tiner (I14929)
486 Della R. Smith of Kremmling passed away July 5, 2008 at home. She was born Jan. 27, 1923 in Los Animas to Filiberto and Catherine (Pino) Roybal.

She married Max H. Smith on June 17, 1950 in Denver.

Della was a nurse for many years at Kremmling Memorial Hospital. She took great pride in her love of nursing, and especially the many births she attended. She was also known for being a great cook. She was a member of St. Peter's Catholic Church in Kremmling. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

Della is survived by her son Vern Sandoval; her sisters Stella Fry, Rose Humes, Josephine Ragsdale, Febronia Ross, Esther Lysight, Edna Thompson, and Betty Crovello; her brothers David Roybal and Daniel Roybal; her granddaughter Veronica Graves; and her great grandchildren Kennedy and Adam.

She was preceded in death by her parents, her husband Max, two sisters and two brothers.

A rosary vigil will be held for Della at 7 p.m. Friday, July 11, 2008 at St. Peter's Catholic Church. Mass of Christian Burial will 10 a.m. Saturday July 12, 2008 at St. Peter's Catholic Church with Father David Allen celebrating. Burial will follow at Kremmling Cemetery.

Arrangements are entrusted to the care and direction of Foran-Schoenfeld Mortuary - Hot Sulphur Springs.
Roybal, Della (I13002)
487 Delmar and Eula Marie were adopted by their stepfather John R Miles Miles, Eula Marie (I17113)
488 designed Plymouth's 1st meeting house Church, Richard (I7040)
489 Details: 1 Footnote: One World Tree (sm) [database online]. Provo, UT:, Inc. Smith, Sena "Seeny" (I27602)
490 Details: 1 Footnote: One World Tree (sm) [database online]. Provo, UT:, Inc. Weed, Seth Smith (I27610)
491 Died 7 Mo. 2 Days Elmer, Walter (I15720)
492 died age 17 Champlin, William (I27372)
493 Died age 27 Greenwald, Marie Helen (I18841)
494 died age 6 Freiwald, William (I16318)
495 Died at 2 1/2 Years Asay, Fred (I827)
496 Died crossing the plains. Wilkinson, Nathaniel (I685)
497 Died during Civil War Tagg, Thomas R. (I21641)
498 Died during the influenza epidemic. Irwin, Myrtle Gertrude (I27311)
499 Died from Yellow Fever. Buried at Bellefontaine cemetery/Arkansas River Boat, Steamer Mose, Greenriver Co, Arkansas Smith, Joshua W (I2073)
500 Died in a Diabetic Coma per Betty Curran, Helena Georgia "Luella" (I13938)

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