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401 Buried in Buffalo, Wyo family plot Barkey, Reuben Ralston (I20788)
402 Buried in Gillette Wyo Fitch, Mary Gay (I4287)
403 Buried in Oakland Cemetery Greene Co, IL Cato, Clinton G (I12678)
404 Buried in Sheridan Wyo Eaton, Audrey Bessie (I3410)
405 Buried in Story, Sheridan Co, Wy at the Quiet Rest Cemetery Mayer, Amelia S (I20652)
406 Buried in the Fruita Elmwood Cemetary in unmarked graves Hayden, Houghton Ashley (I2948)
407 Buried in Waco NE Tagg, Thomas Coultas (I21640)
408 Buried in Willow Grove Cemetery, Buffalo, WY Barkey, John Church (I20783)
409 Buried Old Methodist Church Cemetery, Strasberg, Lancaster, PA Nissley, Barbara Herr (I522)
410 Buried on the Plains of Nebraska Wilkinson, Nathaniel (I685)
411 Byer Cemetery Schwartz, Elizabeth (I10532)
412 Byer Cemetery Byer, David (I21940)
413 Byer Cemetery Byer, Jonas (I23951)
414 C, Scotland Helen of Galloway (I18926)
415 C, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts Leonard, James (I10918)
416 C, Wales Cadell K of Seisyllwg (I14883)
417 Caer Seiont, C, Wales Angharad of Seisyllwg (I6727)
418 Caer Seiont, C, Wales Mawr, K of Wales Rhodri (I13154)
419 Caer Seiont, C, Wales Merfyn K of Powys (I24576)
420 California, County Birth, Marriage, and Death Records, 1830-1980. California Department of Public Health, courtesy of Digital Images. Source (S275)
421 Canada. "Census returns for 1916 Census of Prairie Provinces." Statistics of Canada Fonds, Record Group 31-C-1. LAC microfilm T-21925 to T-21956. Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa. Source (S163)
422 Cancer Surko, Alexander (I2607)
423 Cancer Crawford, Kenneth Robert (I15666)
424 CANCER Church, David (I17568)
425 Cancer Barry, Mary Crawford (I19714)
426 Cancer Cato, Charles Clinton (I23791)
427 car accident Humphrey, John Taylor (I13229)
428 Car Accident Graham, Christopher H. (I18593)
429 Card Index, Salt Lake City, UT, USA: Sons of the Utah Pioneers Source (S39)
430 Card Records of Headstones Provided for Deceased Union Civil War Veterans, ca. 1879-ca. 1903; (National Archives Microfilm Publication M1845, 22 rolls); Records of the Office of the Quartermaster General, Record Group 92; National Archives, Washington, D.C. Source (S202)
431 Cardio Respiratory Arrest Vagt, Lillie Mabel (I17703)
432 Carrollton Greene Cemetery Cato, Amanda Catherine (I12544)
433 Catherine is the daughter of Samuel Shull/Scholl (1791-c. 1832), who is buried in Restland Cemetery, Loysville, Perry County, and Margaret (Rice) Shull (1794-c. 1831), who buried on Buffalo Cemetery, Saville, Perry County, according to Shull family records. Shull, Catherine (I10653)
434 Cause of Death: Accidental Fall. Gray, Mary Newland (I17340)
435 Cause of death: Consumption Hager, Simeon Galutia (I26467)
436 Cause of death: froze to death when caught in a blizzard on the Nebraska prairie.Went missing in the first week of January, but body not found until Apr.Obit: Ogdensburg Advance, 1883: Miss A.M. Church had been teaching school in the midwest for 3 yrs. Church, Amelia M (I1237)
437 ccording to legend, the first Dinefwr Castle (right) was built by Rhodri Mawr - King of Wales in the 9th century. It is unavoidable that attention should focus on those Welsh rulers who extended their power over much of Wales in the centuries prior to the Norman conquest. They foreshadowed the attempts by the princes of Gwynedd in the 13th century to create a unified Welsh state, and they matched contemporary developments in England, and similar, but later, developments in Scotland. So, Rhodri Mawr (844-78) is presented as one who set a pattern for the future. He either ruled or, by his personal qualities, dominated much of Wales. Chroniclers of his generation hailed Rhodri ap Merfyn as Rhodri Mawr (Rhodri the Great), a distinction bestowed upon two other rulers in the same century - Charles the Great (Charlemagne, died 814) and Alfred the Great (died 899). The three tributes are of a similar nature - recognition of the achievements of men who contributed significantly to the growth of statehood among the nations of the Welsh, the Franks and the English. Unfortunately, the entire evidence relating to the life of Rhodri consists of a few sentences; yet he must have made a deep impression upon the Welsh, for in later centuries being of the line of Rhodri was a primary qualification for their rulers. Until his death, Rhodri was acknowledged as ruler of more than half of Wales, and that as much by diplomacy as by conquest. Rhodri's fame sprang from his success as a warrior. That success was noted by The Ulster Chronicle and by Sedulius Scottus, an Irish scholar at the court of the Emperor Charles the Bald at Liege. It was his victory over the Vikings in 856 which brought him international acclaim. Wales was less richly provided with fertile land and with the navigable rivers that attracted the Vikings, and the Welsh kings had considerable success in resisting them. Anglesey bore the brunt of the attacks, and it was there in 856 that Rhodri won his great victory over Horn, the leader of the Danes, much to the delight of the Irish and the Franks. It was not only from the west that the kingdom of Rhodri was threatened. By becoming the ruler of Powys, his mother's land, he inherited the old struggle with the kingdom of Mercia. Although Offa's Dyke had been constructed in order to define the territories of the Welsh and the English, this did not prevent the successors of Offa from attacking Wales. The pressure on Powys continued; after 855, Rhodri was its defender, and he and his son, Gwriad, were killed in battle against the English in 878. Mawr, K of Wales Rhodri (I13154)
438 Cecily Neville died in 31 May 1495 and was buried in the tomb with Richard and their son Edmund at Fotheringhay Church, Northamptonshire, with a papal indulgence. Deneville, Cecily "Proud Cis" "The Rose" Duchess of York (I9015)
439 Census of Ireland 1901/1911. The National Archives of Ireland. accessed 31 May 2013. Source (S81)
440 Census Returns of England and Wales, 1851, Kew, Surrey, England: The National Archives of the UK (TNA): Public Record Office (PRO), 1851 Source (S17)
441 Census Returns of England and Wales, 1851, Kew, Surrey, England: The National Archives of the UK (TNA): Public Record Office (PRO), 1851 Source (S24)
442 Census Returns of England and Wales, 1861, Kew, Surrey, England: The National Archives of the UK (TNA): Public Record Office (PRO), 1861 Source (S13)
443 Center Cemetery, Castana, Monona, Iowa, United States Smith, Seth (I18102)
444 Cerebral Hemorrage, ArterioSclerosis/Hypertension Harlow, James Hayward Jr. (I17037)
445 Charlemagne (Charles "the Great"), b. 2 April 742 in Ingolheim, Germany, m. Himiltude, 768, m. Desideria, 770, div. 771, m. Fastrada, 783, m. Luitgurd, 794, d. 28 January 814 in Aachen, Rhineland, Germany, Became King of the Franks 768, Associated with Madelgard, ca. 795, Associated with Regina, ca. 799, He was made Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 800 in Rome, Italy, Became Emperor of the Byzantine Empire 812 When he became King of the Franks, he was known as Charles the Great. He went on a series of crusades which resulted in his conquering most of Europe and converting the people to Christianity (Roman Catholic). The Danawerk (the Danish Work) is a wall built by the Danes to keep Charlemagne out of Denmark, which is about the only European country he did not conquer. He had five wives and five mistresses that are known and had eighteen children. (Charles "The Great"), HRE Charlemagne (I13087)
446 Children of Thomas & Sarah Graves:
Isaac Graves ( - 1677)
John Graves ( - 1677)
Samuel Graves ( - bef 1661)
Nathaniel Graves ( - 1682)
Elizabeth Graves

Sarah was possibly born in Hatfield Broadoak, Essex, England about 1595. If that was the case, her father was Christopher Scott of Hatfield Broadoak. Sarah married Thomas Graves in England about 1615. The first record of her husband is in Hartford, Connecticut in 1645, but they probably came to America sooner than that. It has been claimed that they emigrated because of religous reasons. After they settled in Hartford, apparently another religous schism caused them to move to Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts around 1660. In Hatfield, they lived with their son Isaac. Thomas died in Hatfield in 1662. Sarah died in Hatfield on December 17, 1666, and is buried in the Center Cemetery in Whatley, Franklin County.
Source of information:
"Ancestry of Col. John Harrington Stevens & Frances Helen Miller" by Mary Lovering, Concord, NH, 1948, page 367-8;

"Thomas Graves, 1645 Settler & His Descendants" by Kenneth Vance Graves, Wrentham, Mass, 1985, page 10-15. TAG 82:108
Ken Smith 
Scott, Sarah (I594)
447 Cholera Westwood, Patience (I9785)
448 cholera Westwood, Betsey Ann (I19896)
449 Christ Church Parish Gore, Elizabeth (I883)
450 christened on 26 Dec 1799 Church, Eleanor (I26377)

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