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251 Age: 80 Huntington, Zina Diantha (I28356)
252 Age: 80 Huntington, Zina Diantha (I28356)
253 Age: 80, Age at Death: 80 Wood, Alfred Edward (I28330)
254 Age: 81 Bennett, Mehitable Hetty (I26152)
255 Age: 81 Holmes, John (I26718)
256 Age: 81 Hulse, Hannah (I26733)
257 Age: 81 Robinson, John Lewis (I26776)
258 Age: 81 Wright, Captain Peter (I26994)
259 Age: 81 Hazard, George (Col) (I27271)
260 Age: 81 Hazard, Elizabeth (I27294)
261 Age: 81 Sturgis, Hannah (I27927)
262 Age: 81 Huntington, Presendia Lathrop (I28357)
263 Age: 81 Huntington, Presendia Lathrop (I28357)
264 Age: 82 Newman, Savillion (I20765)
265 Age: 82 Sturgis, Edward (I27913)
266 Age: 83 Seely, William Stuart (I26158)
267 Age: 83 Lovejoy, Thomas (I27058)
268 Age: 83 Lovejoy, Thomas (I27058)
269 Age: 83 Sams, Gladys M (I28274)
270 Age: 83 Huntington, Oliver Boardman (I28350)
271 Age: 83 Huntington, Oliver Boardman (I28350)
272 Age: 84 Maloney, Ella Lucretia (I10872)
273 Age: 84 Parke, Robert Sir (I16953)
274 Age: 84 Kramer, Frederick William (I19556)
275 Age: 84 Concklyne, John (I25946)
276 Age: 84 Sickler, Elizabeth (I26044)
277 Age: 84 Seely, William Stuart (I26158)
278 Age: 84 Rice, Elizabeth (I27812)
279 Age: 84 Lawrence, Nathaniel (I28063)
280 Age: 84 Kimball, Joseph (I28379)
281 Age: 85 Slawson, Hannah (I26613)
282 Age: 85 Wilcox, Freeman (I27243)
283 Age: 86y, 11m, 4d Wright, Truman Glusha (I27151)
284 Age: 87 Maloney, Samuel Walter (I19236)
285 Age: 88 Smith, Rachel (I12625)
286 Age: 88 McWilliams, James Frann (I26477)
287 Age: 88 McWilliams, James Frann (I26477)
288 Age: 88 Barkey, Lois Louise (I27554)
289 Age: 90 Young, James Ross (I26049)
290 Age: 90 McWilliams, James C (I26851)
291 Age: 90 McWilliams, James C (I26851)
292 Age: 91 Kramer, Viola May (I23615)
293 Age: 96 Young, Mary (I24468)
294 Age: 99 Brownell, Mary (I27257)
295 All land and houses in Duxford left to his wife Agnes during her lifetime, provided they be kept in repair, after her death they are to be sold and proceeds divided up equally among his children. Also Agnes gets 1 quarter of wheat, 2 quarters of malt, 2 bullocks, 11 shillings in money and all the firewood. She keeps all his free land and copyhold land and half of the crop in the barn, as well as all the bedding and household stuff. However he stipulates that after her death all that she inherited from him should be divided up among his children in even portions. Two children are in his will, Robert and John. Robert gets the table and form in his hall, and all the pastures and woods in the parish of Chrishall (Essex) for ever. John is left 1 bullock plus first option on the goods in the sale. Robert also leaves 3 shillings 4 pence "to every one that I am grandfather to " and 2 bushels of barley to every one of his godchildren. There are a number of small bequests; his best coat and best doublet to Thomas Bewell, 11 shillings to Agnes Bewell and 6 shillings and 8 pence to Isabel Bewell, 4 bushels of rye to Katheryn Satrey. 2 shillings are left to John Wilson and 3 shillings 8 pence to Thomas Wilson, both of whom are described as "my servant". Finally he leaves 3 pound 6 shillings and 8 pence for prayers to be said in St John's church for his soul, the soul of Agnes and all christian souls for the space of ten years. Any residue of the estate after all this has been carried out is to be divided up equally among his children. His executors are named as his son Robert and Nicholas Raner who are left 2 shillings each for their pains. The will is witnessed by Robert Stith "my curett", John Swane, Thomas King, Nicholas Raner with others not named. Several years later his wife also left a will. (Information taken from Twynne, Robert (I6823)
296 All of his sons served during the Revolutionary War. He lived on a farm given to him by his father. He was deacon of the church and left by will, a fund for its support (not substantiated) all of whom lived to be married and have children. (Henry Day, writing in 1869 about his great grandfather Josiah Butts, McCormich-Hamilton Lord-Day Ancestral Lines, compiled for Elizabeth Day McCormick & Robert Hall McCormich, privately printed 1957 Records of the General Assembly of Conn. state that Josiah Butts was confirmed and commissioned aas ensign of the 2d. company in the 11th regiment in May 1752, town records show that he served as Selectman at least one year in 1761 Butts, Deacon Josiah (I5680)
297 Alnwick, Northumberland, England Percy, Henry (I5835)
298 Alonzo Padget died at his home here this morning.

Mr. Padget was a veteran of the War of the Rebellion and was a well-known and respected citizen.

He was 64 years of age.

He leaves a widow and one daughter, Miss Kittie Padget.

The funeral will take place at his late home on Wednesday at 1 o'clock.

Published in The Watertown Daily Times (Watertown, New York) on Tuesday, December 3, 1901. 
Padgett, Henry Alonzo (I28713)
299 Alta was mentioned in her grandfather Hosea's will. She received property in Pope Mills, NY Prince, Alta Luella (I15735)
300 Amaury VI de Montfort (1195 - 1241) was the son of the elder Simon de Montfort and Alice of Montmorency, and the brother of the younger Simon de Montfort. He participated in the Albigensian Crusade under his father's command. He inherited the County of Toulouse when his father died, but gave up the territory to King Louis VIII in 1224. In 1230 Amaury became constable of France, an office previously held by his uncle Mathieu II of Montmorency. In 1239 he participated in the Sixth Crusade and was taken prisoner after the defeat at Gaza. He was imprisoned in Cairo and was freed in 1241, but died the same year in Calabria while on the journey home. De Montfort, Amaury (I13918)

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