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101 Actes de naissances des registres civils et paroissiaux originaux des communes et paroisses du département de la Marne, Châlons-en-Champagne: Centre Généalogique et Héraldique de la Marne Source (S11)
102 Actual date of death is unknown/Richard and his brother Edward V were declared illegitimate by an Act of parliament known as Titlus Regius and sent to the Tower of London by their uncle Richard III of England never to be seen again. Plantagenet, Royal Prince of England Richard of Shrewsbury Duke of Norfolk (I23852)
103 Actual date of his death is unknown/Edward V and his brother Richard were declared illegitimate by an Act of Parliament known as Titlus Regius and sent to the Tower of London by their uncle Richard III of England in Jun 1483 and were never seen again. Plantagenet, Royal Prince of England Edward V King of England (I23851)
104 Acute Appendicitis Greenwald, Conrad (I9352)
105 Acute Coronary Occln Graham, Edward M (I16423)
106 Adams Co., Ohio Cemetery Records Beam, Rachel (I25539)
107 Administration of his estate was granted Nov 12,1746. John was of Chelmsford and Hatfield.

He married Sarah Banks on Oct 26,1686 at Chelmsford,MA.

Children: Isaac Graves, Benjamin Graves, Sarah Graves, Jemima Graves Graves Allis, Mary Graves Frary King, Elnathan Graves, Hannah Graves King, Eunice Graves, and Aaron Graves. 
Graves, John (I23337)
108 Age 12yrs.5 mo. 2 days Greenwald, Conrad (I9353)
109 age 18 years Esslin, George (I11926)
110 age 7 Freiwald, Carl (I14432)
111 age 84 Greenewald, John Conrad (I778)
112 Age at Death: 24 Maloney, Howard Francis I (I2089)
113 Age at Death: 27 Gorham, Sarah (I27919)
114 Age at Death: 30 Harrison, Isaac (I25986)
115 Age at Death: 47 Brown, Merle Alan (I26452)
116 Age at Death: 49 Miles, Eula Marie (I17113)
117 Age at Death: 56 Sparks, Joseph H (I26664)
118 Age at Death: 57 Seeley, John (I26172)
119 Age at Death: 61 David, Isom Joshua (I25769)
120 Age at Death: 61 Loomis, Lieutenant Samuel (I26370)
121 Age at Death: 61 Gorham, Joseph (I27923)
122 Age at Death: 62 Goard, Delmar Wayne (I20273)
123 Age at Death: 64 Gorham, Desire (I27917)
124 Age at Death: 67 Maloney, Mary Karen (I17782)
125 Age at Death: 68 Rapp, Rupert Barkey (I27416)
126 Age at Death: 72 Smith, Lyndon Carlyle (I10720)
127 Age at Death: 72 Gorham, Joseph (I27916)
128 Age at Death: 73 Gillis, George Albert (I11550)
129 Age at Death: 74 Peery, Diane (I19028)
130 Age at Death: 75 Likes, Reetis Randal "Bud" (I27352)
131 Age at Death: 77 Barkey, Marcella Renninger (I20559)
132 Age at Death: 77 Nickle, Mary Ann (I26640)
133 Age at Death: 79 Maloney, Grace Marie (I2091)
134 Age at Death: 79 Seeley, Justus Azel (I26151)
135 Age at Death: 81 Maloney, Charles Griffith (I2275)
136 Age at Death: 82 Gorham, Josiah (I27920)
137 Age at Death: 83 Kimme, Anna Katherine (I9279)
138 Age at Death: 83 Maloney, Mary Ellen (I20730)
139 Age at Death: 84 Sturgis, Sarah (I27915)
140 Age at Death: 85 Millis, Nancy (I12967)
141 Age at Death: 85 Bowen, Percy Alexander (I28103)
142 Age at Death: 86 Rogers, Asa Sickler (I26647)
143 Age at Death: 86 Buried Calvary cemetery Wrede, Charles II (I26639)
144 Age at Death: 87 Sandidge, Lucy Jane (I25770)
145 Age at Death: 88 Vandenbush, Lucille (I28314)
146 Age at Death: 89 Maloney, Edgar Bailey (I10868)
147 Age at Death: 89 Shull, Laura Emma (I27805)
148 Age at Death: 90 Beland, Camil Alfred (I11789)
149 Age at Death: 91 Smith, Florence Lynn (I10598)
150 Age at Death: 93 Maloney, Emma Marie (I3012)

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